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An Encounter of a terrifying kind

My friend, who just got back home after completing her master’s degree in India, was on her way to Thimphu. We had a dinner together and she narrated an incident which almost broke my heart. Below is the account of things she narrated to me.


She got into a public bus at Gelephug bus station. She was placed at the last seat and she was all alone when she got in. A little later when the bus was about to move, a young gentleman got in occupying the seat next to her in the same line.  He gave her a sweet smile and tried to dig out some conversation with her. She responded in good faith. As the bus started moving on their conversation also grew. However, all hell broke loose when the young man started acting like a mad man. He seemed out of control. Suddenly he looked like he was being overcome by some uncontrollable spirit in him. He even started teasing her and asking her if she reciprocated his feelings.


She knew that he was under the influence of drug and that there was no point in arguing with him so she kept her distance. On the way, however, a lady got in and she had to occupy the seat next to the young man. He behaved with the lady in the same way he did with my friend. The lady in turn chased him to a different seat. He somehow managed to sit on the interior stairs of the bus. There was a lady with two kids just next to him.  He said something to the lady which off course my friend did not over hear but the lady started to abuse the young man. She slapped him, punched him and even was showing the up yours sign to him. She even started to hit him with the pointed part of her umbrella a few blow of which got blocked by an old man next to them.


No one in the bus dared do anything. The conductor was too young to even intervene. Later my friend noticed that he had swollen eyes and cuts all over his face.


Now why the incident did tear my heart? How could someone be so cruel as to hurt an already senseless man.? Instead why couldn’t the lady show some compassion? I was told that the young man was too high on drug to be a threat. He could barely move his own body let along harm her. So there is no question of self defense.


Is this world a safe place for our children if someone like the lady in picture could go to the extent of hitting an innocent, helpless young man.? How do we teach compassion and consideration to our children when adults don’t? And especially if she was a mother could she even think of inflicting pain on somebody’s child?


And it tore my heart because the young man in question was just a class 12 graduate.

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