Spontaneous expression of thoughts and emotions in words.

Ifs…and… Buts…of Life


If only we know what the future has install for us

But we don’t know and can’t predict

If only we know how to live one day at a time

But we don’t live knowing that we can if we try

If only we say the right thing at the right time

But we don’t say  knowing full well that we could

If only we do and act the right thing

But we don’t do and act even when we know we can

If only we have not said and done what shouldn’t be done

But we know we couldn’t have avoided- a human frailties

If only we could appreciate the good that we see in others

But we fail to do attributing to being just a human nature

If only we could all develop positive attitude

But we know we are filled with negative thoughts

If only we could lighten the burden of others

But we won’t even try and we say we can’t

If only we can plant hope on the face of the unprivileged

But we can’t afford to because this is a cruel materialistic world

If only we could make somebody smile just for a while

But we only know how to frown and burden somebody‘s day

If only we could spare some time for the lonely and old

But none would even if we could make their weary day gold

If only we all try to get into somebody’s shoes

But we dare not do that for fear of pinches

If only we could love and get rid of hatred

But our soul is such that it only knows to bear hatred

If only we could be grateful even for a little gesture

But we only gather the little faults and forget the great deeds.

                                                    If only…if only…if only…


Life is full of ifs and buts

It’s all in our hands how we make a living out of it













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One thought on “Ifs…and… Buts…of Life

  1. Pem Dema on said:

    If only we have been taught to look within for answers and not without! But like they say better late than never, we can DECIDE to choose to look for answers within from this moment! How does it get any better than that?

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