Spontaneous expression of thoughts and emotions in words.

A Road to Better Life

Live and let live, Love and be loved

Give and receive, Smile for a smile

Laugh and find yourself happy

Dream but don’t be too ambitious

Make mistakes but learn from it

Don’t be afraid to commit

But do so when ready

Have the courage to face the downs

There is a silver lining in every cloud

Take s dose of music, medicine for soul

Sleep less, work more

Give more, take less

Live each day at a time

Talk slowly, think quickly

Use your head and heart

To know yourself and others

It’s ok to fail after trying

Worse never to have tried at all

Have a positive attitude all the time

Eyesight is not harmed looking at

The brighter side of things

A warm hug, a soft kiss

Cost nothing but salve heartache

Don’t expect anything from others

It disappoints, leaves unhappy

Love is a gift: say ‘I love you’

Often to those you care for

When you fall down, don’t stay down

Get up and attempt with a smile

Always smile as it makes others happy

And keeps your worries at bay

Laugh at yourself rather than  at others

no medicine matches humour in pains

Remember that the sun is always there

just hidden on a cloudy day

watch out for opportunity

knocking on your door

It comes disguised as hard work


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