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Letter to a Friend

Here is a letter I wrote to a friend who once asked me tips on how to love a person in better ways:


Dear Friend,

 Since you asked me to write to you about being able to love a person better, I will try to give you some tips so that you would be in a better position to love the right woman when she enters your life. Actually love is something when you feel it, it should come naturally. When you don’t feel it no matter how much you force yourself to show it will never come.

 Love is to be felt from within and then shown without. It is something that our heart feels and our mind directs it outside. As far as possible if you love a person you should often say it to make the other person feel assured in the relationship. Our human nature is such that we need constant reminders and affection.

 Here are some tips that you can follow:

  1. Generally most women have the needs to feel wanted, desired, needed, loved and understood. You should make her feel that she is one person that you desire and want. You should make her feel that you need her more than any body in this world. And most of all she needs to feel that she is loved beyond any measures and that her needs are understood.
  2. Women by nature are very fragile when it comes to love. She needs constant physical intimacy to boost her emotional intimacy and needs. She loves to be cuddled, kissed and hugged very often. When a man displays these actions she will feel that she is cared by her man.
  3. Most women are generally very romantic. A woman loves to have candle lit dinner with the man she loves. Going for a ride, eating out in the restaurant, drinking wine over a slow number and ultimately making love with the soft music playing at the background would really turn on your girl.
  4. When a woman falls in love she makes her man the center of her life and she expects him to make her the center of his life too. Try to make her feel that she is the most important person in your life.
  5. Insecurity is the worst feeling in a relationship. Never make your girl feel insecure by your actions. She will feel insecure when she feels that you ignore her. She will feel insecure when she feels that you give preference to your friends over her. She will feel insecure when she feels that you have other similar relationship besides her. Talk to her and make her understand that there is no one more important than her.
  6. If you stay away from her for a long time make sure you keep in touch constantly just to keep the burning fire of passion going on. You be the first one to take the initiative to call her up so that she will feel that no matter where you are, she is thought of a lot.
  7. Our friends mean a lot to us. They are the best thing that happens in our life besides our love life. But never make your girl feel that your friends are more important than her.
  8. Say something always nice to her. Make her feel that she is the treasured one and she will give all that she can.
  9. Big things really don’t matter to a girl. It is the small things that matters a lot for her. So try to buy her small gifts very often. Even if it is small pin that you buy for her it will matter a lot to her. After all it is the thoughts that count and not the things.
  10. Remember to hold her hands when you walk together. She needs to feel that she is protected in your arms.
  11. Send her a surprise card or drop in a few lines very often so that she is reminded constantly that you are there for her. It will not only boost up your relationship but it will make her believe in your love very strongly.
  12. Don’t make your girl feel that she is neglected. When she falls in love she becomes emotionally dependent on you and you should provide her the necessary anchor for her. You should be the shoulder for her to lean on when needed.
  13. When a woman goes through an emotional crisis she will usually attack the person she loves the most. Give her time to calm down and settle her emotions instead of equally fighting with her and making the situation worst for her. Remember that she will expect you to give your comfort and share her problems. So don’t attack her back and make her feel the worst.
  14.  Never miss an opportunity to say ‘I love you’ to someone you really love because it’s not everyday that you find someone who has the magic to make you fall in love.
  15. And remember that God doesn’t play dice with the universe. Everything happens on purpose. When you fall in love with someone, it is not an accident. He wanted you get the best and feel the best. Therefore, hold on to your love, give the best that you can and you will receive the best.
  16. And don’t worry about not knowing how to love. It really doesn’t matter who you love or how you love but that you love is the most important thing. After all it is always better to have loved and being loved than never loved at all.
  17. And lastly just a food for your thought. “A real man does not need to romance a different girl every night. A real man romances the same girl for the rest of her life”
  18. You learn to like someone when you find out what makes them laugh, but you can never truly love someone until you find out what makes them cry.

Dear Friend, you don’t need all these to uncover your feelings but I am hoping that the lines will at least open your eyes and look beyond the preconceived notion of your mind. And I am hopeful that one day you will definitely come across the right person in your life who has that magic to make you fall in love. Put these thoughts into practice and I guarantee that you and your girl will have a much better relationship.


With love



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3 thoughts on “Letter to a Friend

  1. tshering on said:

    hi mam,
    u shook me all over with these words……….i would like my man to read this. truly spoken n thank u,,,,,

  2. s.Ghalay on said:

    Congratulation I am rele happy to go through it.

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