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The culprit of many issues

We are always talking of juvenile delinquencies when it comes to gang fights, vandalisms, hooliganisms, and anything related to vulgarism and brutalism. It is not shocking when even some 74 year old and 44 year old were involved in a stabbing case this week. Most often it is the adults who visit the bars, Karaoke’s and discotheques in the capital s and it is no doubt many of the broken railings on the express way can be attributed to them as well.

Whether it is the young or the old, the culprit behind the misdemeanors happens to be the alcohol. Most of the accidents are related to drunk driving. Most of the fights occur under the influence of alcohol. Many of the dysfunctional family take place under the influence of alcohol. Many abuse cases at home are executed under the influence of alcohol.

For almost every single person there is a bar in the city. There is no dearth of alcohol too. There are varieties ranging from cheap local production to expensive imported ones. It is up to the individual to choose depending on their pocket.  So what has not been achieved by alcohol? Yet it has not received the same importance as that of smoking cigarette or chewing tobacco.

As far as I am concerned I haven’t heard of a single case where a person has been found smoking and created nuisance to the society. Yet it has received much honour in recent times. Put many people behind the bars for mere possession of few packets of chewing tobacco.  It almost brought down group of people on the street to protest against those who put in the act.

The effect of alcohol on health is also double the effect created by smoking. We hear more cases of liver cirrhosis than bronchitis. We hear more of alcohol psychosis than a mental problem brought on by smoking or eating tobacco. Yet alcohol is doing its round freely at the joy of the people. Not realizing that this joy comes to end very badly leaving marks forever to both the consumer without limitation and to those affected.

The so called empathy and compassion fly out of the window when the alcohol sets in the body of the beholder. The person becomes the slave to the demonic effect of the alcohol. That is the time when no fear creeps in and it is the time when a do or die situation appears before the person. That is why every erroneous action takes place when one is under the influence of alcohol.

So isn’t it time to see the cause of the action rather than the result brought about by such action? The creator of disharmony in the society and culprit of many problems that we see and hear on a daily basis is the alcohol. So how are we going to ensure that it gets the same, in fact much needed attention like that of the tobacco act?


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