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Super Storm Sandy

For late USA has been in the world news with the presidential debates, upcoming election and the speculation of who will be the next president of USA. Is it Obama  or is it Mitt Romney? Now it is the super storm Sandy hitting the headlines. With furious Sandy traveling the east coasts the news of Obama and Romney is gone out of the people’s mind for some time. As super storm sandy woke up late evening on 29th October 2012, she brought along with her massive destruction almost ravaging the entire east coast of USA. As I watched BBC and CN alternately, I am almost overwhelmed at the news of the massive flooding and fierce wind that went on causing deadly destruction along the way. As I sit down to write this blog, the news report that almost six million people are in darkness in the New York City and the affected areas of USA. The repeated image of a small boy walking on his clutches brought a choke in me and I had tears in my eyes as I watched the furious Sandy causing nightmares to millions of people in USA.

Lots of havoc has been created in the wake of super storm sandy. Power cuts affecting millions of people, about 10,000 flights suspended, massive flooding of the subways in the NYC, and lots more. I thought of all the sick people in the hospital. Thought of the old people in the Old homes. Thought of the babies and mothers in the hospital.  Thought of all the Bhutanese people living in the USA city. It all brought pain to me.

I felt for the 16 strangers that died due to Sandy. I felt for the entire people who were in darkness and every time I try to watch the news on updates it only made me sadder. The only thought that ran in my mind was to dedicate 1 hour of Twin Heart Meditation on Peace and Illumination for all the people of America. And that is what I did. One hour of meditation and blessing as a channel of Devine Supreme Being.  I prayed for the dead souls to rest in peace. I prayed for all the living ones to be relieved from their nightmares. I prayed for their peace and happiness.

Coincidentally, NDTV news reports the oncoming of cyclone Neelam at Chennai in India.  Is it the sister of the super storm Sandy?  The thought of what destructions are lying on the way disturbed me. At times it even made me wonder if the movie 2012 is coming true.

As I return from my meditation the news update says Sandy weakens and she is no longer a hurricane, it brought a great relieve to me.


Seeking Power

On my recent birthday, I was introduced to The Power by a friend – the only person who sees me through good and bad times – mostly bad times. She knew that I was going through a difficult phase in my life and the book by Rhonda Byrne would give me strength.  She knew that one thing that could provide me strength would be The Power.

That evening as I leafed through the pages, I understood why she presented me with the book.  It is full of power as is in the title. It opened new perspectives. The more I read, the more aware I became of my own thoughts  and how I could change my line of thinking and feeling to attract the good and the positive things in life.

The book reminds that everything in our life is within our power.  If we exude positive thoughts we generate positive thoughts. If we feel negative power within us then ultimately we take in negative power. It is like what goes around comes around. If we think well about others then naturally the positive vibes rubs on the other person and then rubs back on us. The thoughts and feelings in us create our environment and people around us. Therefore, the book says it’s always wise to feel good and think good and we will attract all the goodness round us.

Recently, while visiting the private higher secondary schools in Thimphu and Paro, I was sharing this concept with the students. I was in a class of XI Commerce and asked the students about their favorite and not so favorite subjects. The students unanimously said that ‘Accounts’ is their hardest subject and that they don’t like the subject at all. That is when I discussed the concept of the power within us. I told them if they think Accounts is hard and that they will score less in the subject then definitely they will find it hard. They will not like the subject because it is all about sending and receiving the power. If we emit negative feelings to Accounts, the same will reflect on us.  On the other hand if they consciously practice feeling that Accounts is a beautiful subject, the teacher that teaches Accounts is good, then they will realize that they understand the subject better and will perform well at the end.

All thanks to my friend who introduced me to the book. Friendship Day is too far away and I do not want to wait till that day to thank my friend for what she has done to me. Therefore, I would like to say, “Thank you Pem for being such a wonderful person and for being a part of my life in dark and bright days.”


Note: This article was written on 15 May 2011 as a column in Business Bhutan.

The Blessings of Namkhai Ningpo Rinpoche

Kudos to Tshokey Dorji Foundation for having organised six long days of Tsigdoen Saldep Bumthrag Chenmo with Tshokor and Wang by His Holiness Namkhai Ningpo Rinpoche. Image

HH Namkhai Ningpo Rinpoche is one of the most revered Buddhist masters in Bhutan who leads a very simple life. Here is a picture of Rinpoche that I managed to take from the television that was put outside the Memorial Chorten where devotees listened to his teachings and chanted prayers.


Old and young flocked to the Chorten everyday to make their offerings, listen to the teachings of Rinpoche, circumambulate the chorten, chant prayers, and do prostrations. In the following are the picturesImage of the many devotees in their activities.



Here are some pictures of the offering in terms of butter lamp and edibles.



While many had come to the chorten for the above reasons, there were some shown in the picture below who was there to do some good deeds for sparing the lives of animals. I contributed a meager amount for the cause as well.


Though crowded the atmosphere at the chorten is so serene and calm that even the birds are seen mixing freely with the people.


Outside the chorten gate one would find people selling portraits of Rinpoche and some religious artifacts as shown in the picture below.


The last day of the programme saw the largest crowd as it was a day of administering oral transmission and lifelong blessing by HH The Rinpoche. people found it difficult to find a parking space in the first place. Once in the ground they found it difficult to find a space to sit.


Thus ended the six days of HH teachings and blessings to the people of Bhutan. Here is a picture of HH while administering Tsewang (Life long blessings) to the people.



Celebrating World Food Day-16th October 2012

During the dinner time I was asking my children about the things that they have done in the school to mark the World Food Day. The answer I got was shocking. They had done nothing in the school. I could not believe this and wanted to reassure myself. I asked whether the principal mentioned in the assembly. The answer was ‘NO’. Well, I was telling my husband, the principal and the teachers could have at least talked about the significance of the day in the assembly. A few seconds would have been enough to create the level of awareness in the children even if the school had not planned for a whole lot of programmes. Or better some relevant subject teachers could have discussed about the day in the class. It would have made a lot of difference in the students’ outlook towards food and the way they waste so much of food.
Anyways, I told the children that 16th October of every year is marked as World Food Day. “The day brings along with it a lot of significance in our lives.” I said to them. Then I shared with them how millions and millions of young children and people in the world are dying due to hunger. I was compelled to explain to them that there are more people dying in the world due to lack of food than from the AIDS, Tuberculosis and many killer diseases combined. Shared with them the stories I read in the newspapers worldwide about how people go to the extent of drinking the cow’s urine to quench their thirst and satiate their hunger. Forced myself to tell them how they complain so much about the food placed in front of them when elsewhere in the world people don’t even have a morsel to eat.
I was pointing to the leftovers in their plate and again forced myself to tell them that people elsewhere would have appreciated these waste so much if they could get their hands on them. Then came the issue of ‘Clean Plate Policy.” I asked if they have ever studied about the ‘Clean Plate Policy’ in the school. Again the answer was a big ‘NO’ from both the kids. I was a bit disappointed that such an important issue which is clearly reflected in the ‘Educating for GNH’ is not taught to the children.
Anyways one would easily argue as to why the parents can’t talk about such things at home. The fact is, children at the primary level believe in their teachers more easily and I as a parent would have really appreciated if a teacher had done the lessons with the students. As a parent we have to do our share of the lot. So I thought I might as well talk to them than wait for their teachers to do the lessons.
So we made a family pact. We made a deal that from this day marking the World Food Day 2012, we will follow ‘Clean Plate Policy.’ All of us in the family (that includes me, my hubby, and my two children) will not waste even a morsel of food here after. My kids promised me that they will never waste food henceforth neither will they complain about the taste of food. This is the least we can do for the sake of all the infants, young children, and the people in the world who are dying of hunger.
I send my prayers to all the children and hunger struck people in the world. May Peace be with them.

The Pranic Healing Courses- Heal yourself and Heal Others!

I have been fortunate enough to attend two courses offered in Pranic Healing organized by YDF with tutors from Pranic Healing Foundation in New Delhi. I have heard about the course some years back but I overlooked the idea of ever attending it that time. It never even struck to me that one day I would be fully immersed in it. A month back when Ms. Roma Pradhan, a colleague from YDF, came to my office for her work, she reminded me once again about the course. Well, I read through the synopsis of the programme and decided then and there to attend the course.
When I first registered myself for the Basic Course through all smiling Ms. Thinley of YDF, I was like blank. I told her that I would be coming to take up the course with an empty mind without any expectations and preconceived notions. It was on 29th and 30th September that I was brought in connection with ever glowing Hina Goyal-our teacher for the basic course- and a very enthusiastic group of learners from Bhutan.
I was particularly amazed at the large number of young people showing interest in the course. Later I was conversing with a young participant from the group and was telling her that she has made a good start towards spirituality. This in itself shows that she is willing to be good, think good, and do well. If one can start spirituality at such an age then surely we can expect a much better world filled with loving kindness, happiness and good will. Life will be filled with optimism with positive thoughts. We can expect less suicidal cases, less gang fights, and more peaceful place to live in.
On the very first day I felt myself glowing with positivity, good will and the will to do good more strongly than ever before. It brought in a strong reminder of the goodness in me and how I can spread that goodness to the people, animals, and to all the beings on this earth and the people around me. The course reminded me the loving kindness I have in me and how I can shower the same loving kindness to all the beings around me as well as on this entire Earth.
It was self healing in itself with one meeting new people, making new friends, interacting with likeminded people, sharing one’s joys and sorrows as one progress in life.
The Advance Course in Pranic Healing tutored by Ms. Bala Venkataraman was filled with fun and laughter besides the learning that took place. Two days of uttering ‘Light whitish green’ and ‘Light whitish violet’ for cleansing and ‘light whitish white’ or violet, green, orange, blue and red, got so stuck in my mind that even after reaching home all I could hear was the word ‘Pranic’ or the ‘light whitish green and violet.’
One thing I will never forget from this class on 13th and 14th October 2012 was the time when in one of our practice session, my partner-Mr. Phuntsho Wangdi-the attorney general of Bhutan, energized me with Red colour and I was like boiling to a 100 degree centigrade. I could feel flushes on my face and he immediately had to do cleansing on the instruction of the tutor. It was so much fun but more than that it made me believe in the wonders of the colour prana. Now I am looking forward to my two other courses ‘The Soul’ and ‘The Psychotherapy’.

The massive and the weirdest dream I ever dreamed (9th October, 2012)

Just in the morning I was doing some dream tests. I used to dream of snakes, accidents, running away from attackers and also recurring dreams of not having studied for the examinations.  I happened to read that just before one retires to bed if one happens to be discussing disturbing facts then one tends to dream night mares. Also that if one sleeps right after eating a heavy dinner one might have night mares. I don’t know if what I read caused the massive dream I had the whole night but definitely I could not have any proper sleep. Twice in the middle of night I was shaken awake and tried recalling my dreams with my eyes closed but brains and mind wide awake. At one point I even thought of staying up and writing down my dream but somehow I could not make myself shake from the sleep. Interestingly, this time I could remember every details of the dream.

The first part of the dream was a bit scary and nightmarish. I saw my late mum carrying a huge knife and killing a man cutting him in two right through his head till the stomach. I was standing there watching my mum in shock holding onto my two little kids.  After sometime my mum came to me without any traces of blood on her and having hidden the dead body also. It reminded me of the lady Macbeth in the famous Shakespearean play ‘Macbeth’ I saw myself shivering out of fear. I was so worried that she committed a crime and I was hiding that crime from the police. I was telling myself that police would soon find out once they find that the man is missing and I was sure that I would be taken behind the bar for abetting the crime.

Just then I got up and realized that I was shaking and was covered in sweat. I tried to close my eyes and recount the dream. And I fell asleep again just to have another dream. This time the people in the dream were all mixed up. People in my life from past and present came into the scene. Some bad and some good people. I saw all my siblings too in different forms and roles. Some were kind to me and some were abusive. In one of the scene I had planted three green plats in a flower pot. A colleague from my past work place comes to me asking for lowers and my elder brother tells me to give the plant that I had just planted in my flower pot. I refuses to give that plant and instead I pluck three flowers from a garden and asks her to take them. She tells me she was asked by the teachers to bring the flowers or their school garden. I say, “these teachers are a pain in the ass sometimes. They ask for things unnecessarily.” In another scene I find myself breast feeding my daughter. While I breastfeed her I find that excess milk flows from my other breast.

Then interestingly I was with Dawa and Namgay Zam-both anchor and TV Journalists from Bhutan Broad Casting Service. They were at my place and I was explaining to them how I had an accident that never came out in the news. I was telling them that my entire family (that includes me, my husband and my two kids) went off the road some 150 meters and came out alive without so much of a scratch. I was telling them why I felt so cramped up and wanted to live in a clutter free house. I was telling them the reason why I had my sofas removed and made my sitting arrangements on the floor in the sitting room. I was telling them that soon after I came home from the accident how I undid my wardrobe and donated all the clothes to some needy people. Then came the most poignant line that I was sharing with them “what would be the use of all this worldly goods had I died on the spot in an accident”

Soon after I uttered the above words I was once again awake. I started to recall my dreams and then I realized it might me trying to teach me something very important. That evening before I retired to bed I was discussing with my elder sister how our elder siblings have owned the family land and building in their names. I felt cheated having left with not a decimal of land in my name. I intended to fight for my share. But after the dream I just realized that these things had no meaning in my life. What would I do owning a land after creating lots of discord in the family. What is the use of all the worldly goods if I don’t have the inner peace? I then decided I would rather choose to be happy, peaceful and healthy and nurture my children in a healthy environment rather than fighting for a plot of land.

With this good thought I went back to sleep and had another dream. The dream was a continuation of Dawa and Namgay Zam from BBS. I really don’t know the significance of their appearance in my dream since I hardly know them in person. I just heard about and know them as TV journalists in Bhutan. Let me be honest and admit a thing here. The most beautiful part of the entire dream was that brisk moment when I was running hand in hand with Dawa and teasing him pleasantly. I was telling myself I could have a very platonic friendship with him. (Yet to find out the significance lol)

Then my dream shifted to some monks or lamas in some monastic institute. (Even I am not very sure) He seems to have fallen for me and he shares of his intention to marry me. However, while I was walking out of that house I find myself with a lady who calls herself Rinzin. She shares her intention to marry me. (Wow!! Two marriage proposals from two different genders) As I walk out hugging her, I meet a man who asks me whether I choose happiness or doom. I answer him “off course I choose happiness.” Then he says, “in that case you need to shun the company of this woman. This woman who has brought so much ills in other people’s lives will doom yours.” As he says this he takes out his manhood in his hand and starts peeing. Before I realized I saw myself wet by his piss. This makes me so mad. I don’t know how it happened but I find that I have taken hold of him and put him in a basket and then I sit on him and pee on him. There were a few people there who appear to be students in that institute and watching the happenings. The man in the basket requests me to let him out and I do at the same time explaining to him that he got back what he gave to others. At this one of the students says, “Now we know how to treat people who treat us bad” and then I reply with yet another most poignant line from my dream, “be good if others are bad, better if others are worst and be the best you can at any cost.”

With this I fell asleep again and got up only in the morning. As soon as I got up, I tried to recall the entire dream once again and thought to myself, “this dream is really trying to teach me some lessons.” If not anything, at least being good human beings with no overt desires and wants. Immediately I went to my hubby who was already up and was in the kitchen. I narrated him the entire dream in bit and pieces and told him that from now onwards I am never going to discuss about the land issue in my village and that I choose Happiness and Inner Peace over a plot of land. I also told my elder sister never to bring out the land issue in my presence. I told her I don’t want anything and that I want to be left in peace.

Ethics on the road

Every now and then we hear of people discussing on the traffic rules and the right of way. This will be an ongoing discussion throughout no matter how much the RSTA and the traffic police come up with many rules and regulations. It is an issue that will have no answer if our very people who use the road do not heed to traffic rules. Just recently I saw a Tucson run over and throw off a little boy just as the car was nearing the zebra crossing. It is one single incident that I noticed with my naked eyes. There are many hit and run cases we hear on a daily basis both reported and un-reported ones. Speeding cars never seem to take heed of the zebra crossing and at the same time there are also people who think zebra crossing is their right so they take their own sweet time to cross the road. In one incident I saw a car speeding off on fire. This not only poses a risk to the ones in the car it also poses serious threat to the pedestrians. Then there are cars that splash off water to the pedestrians especially on the rainy days. The victims are mostly school going children. Imagine having to stay in the class for a day soaked in rain water. The speeding cars never take note of the puddles on the road and worst still not being able to empathize with the students. Honking persistently by the cars behind you especially when you are in the convoy is nerve wrecking. Honking in a residential area is prohibited by law but imagine when somebody can go to the extent of honking early in the morning just in your parking lot. Round about is a huge confusion. Everyone thinks everyone has the right of way. It’s a matter of who will get into the roundabout first and so everyone tries to do that. it’s like Russel Peter saying, “somebody is going to get real hurt tonight.” But no one knows who is going to get hurt. So is the case while in the round about. The ego of the person behind the wheel plays a huge role here. In short many people behind the wheels do not practice any driving ethics. Just knowing how to steer the steering wheel and driving on is not adequate enough to be on the road. One should be equally oriented on the rules and regulations and most importantly just follow some civic sense of driving. If only all of us could practice some simple rule of the thumb of driving, I am sure we can prevent lots of mishaps that are currently taking place in our capital city and elsewhere in the country. We see a lot of fancy graffiti articulately placed on legible sign boards that send out so many messages home. In one of them I saw a graffiti that read, “If you marry speed you will divorce your family”. Another catchy one says, “Speed is like a knife that cuts your life.” Very true but nobody take heeds of these fancy one-liners.


Note: I wrote this in the opinion column of Business Bhutan on 17th September 2011.

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