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The Pranic Healing Courses- Heal yourself and Heal Others!

I have been fortunate enough to attend two courses offered in Pranic Healing organized by YDF with tutors from Pranic Healing Foundation in New Delhi. I have heard about the course some years back but I overlooked the idea of ever attending it that time. It never even struck to me that one day I would be fully immersed in it. A month back when Ms. Roma Pradhan, a colleague from YDF, came to my office for her work, she reminded me once again about the course. Well, I read through the synopsis of the programme and decided then and there to attend the course.
When I first registered myself for the Basic Course through all smiling Ms. Thinley of YDF, I was like blank. I told her that I would be coming to take up the course with an empty mind without any expectations and preconceived notions. It was on 29th and 30th September that I was brought in connection with ever glowing Hina Goyal-our teacher for the basic course- and a very enthusiastic group of learners from Bhutan.
I was particularly amazed at the large number of young people showing interest in the course. Later I was conversing with a young participant from the group and was telling her that she has made a good start towards spirituality. This in itself shows that she is willing to be good, think good, and do well. If one can start spirituality at such an age then surely we can expect a much better world filled with loving kindness, happiness and good will. Life will be filled with optimism with positive thoughts. We can expect less suicidal cases, less gang fights, and more peaceful place to live in.
On the very first day I felt myself glowing with positivity, good will and the will to do good more strongly than ever before. It brought in a strong reminder of the goodness in me and how I can spread that goodness to the people, animals, and to all the beings on this earth and the people around me. The course reminded me the loving kindness I have in me and how I can shower the same loving kindness to all the beings around me as well as on this entire Earth.
It was self healing in itself with one meeting new people, making new friends, interacting with likeminded people, sharing one’s joys and sorrows as one progress in life.
The Advance Course in Pranic Healing tutored by Ms. Bala Venkataraman was filled with fun and laughter besides the learning that took place. Two days of uttering ‘Light whitish green’ and ‘Light whitish violet’ for cleansing and ‘light whitish white’ or violet, green, orange, blue and red, got so stuck in my mind that even after reaching home all I could hear was the word ‘Pranic’ or the ‘light whitish green and violet.’
One thing I will never forget from this class on 13th and 14th October 2012 was the time when in one of our practice session, my partner-Mr. Phuntsho Wangdi-the attorney general of Bhutan, energized me with Red colour and I was like boiling to a 100 degree centigrade. I could feel flushes on my face and he immediately had to do cleansing on the instruction of the tutor. It was so much fun but more than that it made me believe in the wonders of the colour prana. Now I am looking forward to my two other courses ‘The Soul’ and ‘The Psychotherapy’.

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4 thoughts on “The Pranic Healing Courses- Heal yourself and Heal Others!

  1. Thinley Chezom on said:

    Madam its a very beautiful article encouraging,interesting,religious,funny and on & on…….very creative i really like the way you wrote…can i share this article with all the Pranic Healers…. wating for your permission ??? hehehheee…….

    • Dear Thinley You have my permission to share the article. I write whatever inspires me. Its just an expression of my thoughts and emotions in words. I am glad you liked it. Will share more whenever i get inspiration.

  2. hi Karma
    i read both your articles and one in particular has inspired many. very often we tend to look at things in one view and one perspective. when something like pranic healing happens , you look at the same thing but everything looks different because your perspectives have changed. that’s very important. whe you see love, its because you have love, when you see hate, that also because you have hate. I am glad you chose love. keep up with pranic healing and hope to see you in the centre after the losar.

    • Thank you Aum Dorji for believing in me. I am glad to be the kind of person I am. I happy to rediscover myself through pranic healing. I am definitely coming to attend the Psychotherapy Course this week. Hoping to see you all with good health, happiness and lots of blessings.

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