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The Blessings of Namkhai Ningpo Rinpoche

Kudos to Tshokey Dorji Foundation for having organised six long days of Tsigdoen Saldep Bumthrag Chenmo with Tshokor and Wang by His Holiness Namkhai Ningpo Rinpoche. Image

HH Namkhai Ningpo Rinpoche is one of the most revered Buddhist masters in Bhutan who leads a very simple life. Here is a picture of Rinpoche that I managed to take from the television that was put outside the Memorial Chorten where devotees listened to his teachings and chanted prayers.


Old and young flocked to the Chorten everyday to make their offerings, listen to the teachings of Rinpoche, circumambulate the chorten, chant prayers, and do prostrations. In the following are the picturesImage of the many devotees in their activities.



Here are some pictures of the offering in terms of butter lamp and edibles.



While many had come to the chorten for the above reasons, there were some shown in the picture below who was there to do some good deeds for sparing the lives of animals. I contributed a meager amount for the cause as well.


Though crowded the atmosphere at the chorten is so serene and calm that even the birds are seen mixing freely with the people.


Outside the chorten gate one would find people selling portraits of Rinpoche and some religious artifacts as shown in the picture below.


The last day of the programme saw the largest crowd as it was a day of administering oral transmission and lifelong blessing by HH The Rinpoche. people found it difficult to find a parking space in the first place. Once in the ground they found it difficult to find a space to sit.


Thus ended the six days of HH teachings and blessings to the people of Bhutan. Here is a picture of HH while administering Tsewang (Life long blessings) to the people.



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