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Seeking Power

On my recent birthday, I was introduced to The Power by a friend – the only person who sees me through good and bad times – mostly bad times. She knew that I was going through a difficult phase in my life and the book by Rhonda Byrne would give me strength.  She knew that one thing that could provide me strength would be The Power.

That evening as I leafed through the pages, I understood why she presented me with the book.  It is full of power as is in the title. It opened new perspectives. The more I read, the more aware I became of my own thoughts  and how I could change my line of thinking and feeling to attract the good and the positive things in life.

The book reminds that everything in our life is within our power.  If we exude positive thoughts we generate positive thoughts. If we feel negative power within us then ultimately we take in negative power. It is like what goes around comes around. If we think well about others then naturally the positive vibes rubs on the other person and then rubs back on us. The thoughts and feelings in us create our environment and people around us. Therefore, the book says it’s always wise to feel good and think good and we will attract all the goodness round us.

Recently, while visiting the private higher secondary schools in Thimphu and Paro, I was sharing this concept with the students. I was in a class of XI Commerce and asked the students about their favorite and not so favorite subjects. The students unanimously said that ‘Accounts’ is their hardest subject and that they don’t like the subject at all. That is when I discussed the concept of the power within us. I told them if they think Accounts is hard and that they will score less in the subject then definitely they will find it hard. They will not like the subject because it is all about sending and receiving the power. If we emit negative feelings to Accounts, the same will reflect on us.  On the other hand if they consciously practice feeling that Accounts is a beautiful subject, the teacher that teaches Accounts is good, then they will realize that they understand the subject better and will perform well at the end.

All thanks to my friend who introduced me to the book. Friendship Day is too far away and I do not want to wait till that day to thank my friend for what she has done to me. Therefore, I would like to say, “Thank you Pem for being such a wonderful person and for being a part of my life in dark and bright days.”


Note: This article was written on 15 May 2011 as a column in Business Bhutan.

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