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Super Storm Sandy

For late USA has been in the world news with the presidential debates, upcoming election and the speculation of who will be the next president of USA. Is it Obama  or is it Mitt Romney? Now it is the super storm Sandy hitting the headlines. With furious Sandy traveling the east coasts the news of Obama and Romney is gone out of the people’s mind for some time. As super storm sandy woke up late evening on 29th October 2012, she brought along with her massive destruction almost ravaging the entire east coast of USA. As I watched BBC and CN alternately, I am almost overwhelmed at the news of the massive flooding and fierce wind that went on causing deadly destruction along the way. As I sit down to write this blog, the news report that almost six million people are in darkness in the New York City and the affected areas of USA. The repeated image of a small boy walking on his clutches brought a choke in me and I had tears in my eyes as I watched the furious Sandy causing nightmares to millions of people in USA.

Lots of havoc has been created in the wake of super storm sandy. Power cuts affecting millions of people, about 10,000 flights suspended, massive flooding of the subways in the NYC, and lots more. I thought of all the sick people in the hospital. Thought of the old people in the Old homes. Thought of the babies and mothers in the hospital.  Thought of all the Bhutanese people living in the USA city. It all brought pain to me.

I felt for the 16 strangers that died due to Sandy. I felt for the entire people who were in darkness and every time I try to watch the news on updates it only made me sadder. The only thought that ran in my mind was to dedicate 1 hour of Twin Heart Meditation on Peace and Illumination for all the people of America. And that is what I did. One hour of meditation and blessing as a channel of Devine Supreme Being.  I prayed for the dead souls to rest in peace. I prayed for all the living ones to be relieved from their nightmares. I prayed for their peace and happiness.

Coincidentally, NDTV news reports the oncoming of cyclone Neelam at Chennai in India.  Is it the sister of the super storm Sandy?  The thought of what destructions are lying on the way disturbed me. At times it even made me wonder if the movie 2012 is coming true.

As I return from my meditation the news update says Sandy weakens and she is no longer a hurricane, it brought a great relieve to me.


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