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The Power of Twin Heart Meditation

There is a Bhutanese saying which roughly translated goes like this, “if the members of the family are not in favour of each other, nothing will go right in the house.” This is truly sounded in the negative and positive thoughts and vibrations that we rub on to each other.  When we are not in favour of each other it means we are sending out negative thoughts to that person which in turn sends out negative energy to the entire house. If we think positive of the person then it generates positive thoughts and energy from the other person as well.  I strongly believe that our thoughts create out living conditions and situations.

For the last six years I have had troubles in my relationship with my husband, have had financial problems, felt betrayed by my own blood sisters and brothers, which made me feel so miserable and lonely. It had direct implication on my health. I complained of constant abdominal pain, developed freckles on my face, and had dark circles and huge lines under my eyes.  At times I would go broke for days on end.  Sometimes I would go thin as a stick and sometimes I would put on extra weight. All these had impact on my self confidence and self esteem. I would eat large plate during meals and at times I wouldn’t have appetite at all. And I drank an extra beer all the time. Sometimes I would stay awake the whole night in front of my lap top chatting with strangers to get rid of my loneliness.

My close friends shared their concerns for me especially when they learned that I was taking more than the right quantity of beer. Thank God, I did not let these factors affect my work in any way. No matter how disturbed I was and how much beer I had consumed the other night, I was always there on time for my work and performed it as efficiently as I always used to. My work and my two children kept me going so far. At home my husband and I were almost like strangers.  A man I met some 22 years when I was just a grade 7 student in a high school and fathered two beautiful children from me turned out like a distant star. We had created so many gaps in our relationship that reaching out to each other was near to impossible. There came a point when we even separated for a while. The only thing that kept us together was our daughter and son who is now 13 and 11 respectively.

All these have changed now. Thanks to Pranic Healing through which I could practice Twin Heart Meditation.  I don’t get time to practice pranic healing; having attended the classes itself brought immense change in my outlook. However, I do Twin Heart Meditation on a regular basis and this has played major role in changing my life. Now when I look at things I see that nothing has changed. I get the same salary, I have the same husband, same two children and live in the same house. The only thing that changed is my outlook in life, the way I look at things, the way I send out positive thoughts and get positive thoughts in return.  Now the atmosphere in my house is so much different from what it used to be some 6 years back. It is back to its life. There is so much fun, loving kindness and happiness and a kind of aura no one wants to get away with. Though I get the same salary, I don’t go broke any more. I give away so much yet I have enough to show in my bank balance. We never run out of things. Everything seems to fall into place. My husband and I share the same loving relationship that we used to share when we first met.  My two children are so much happier and we laugh a lot together.  No one now shouts at each other at the same time we don’t take each other for granted. We give space to each other and we respect the privacy of each one in the family. Now I don’t get angry at little things that at one point used to bother me a lot.

Today, I am a lot happier and more contended person. I have my sisters calling me and visiting me. I have my nephews wanting to spend their vacation at my place. I feel healthy and fit as a fiddle. My abdomen pain has disappeared and I don’t complain of any discomfort.



Advance Pranic Healing course certification with teacher Bala


Quote for the day: “The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.”- Oprah Winfrey

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4 thoughts on “The Power of Twin Heart Meditation

  1. A very thoughtful post. It would surely inspire so many people who read this. Thanks for sharing. It was really interesting to read. 🙂 Keep writing.

    • Yes, I am hoping that this will help many who are suffering in silence. Its in coming out that one gets healed. I am happy to share my story as long as it helps someone or anyone who shares the same story like mine. At least they will know how to come out of it instead of lying down there. Cheers to you my friend and sure I will keep on writing. This is one outlet to get your feelings and emotions out. Atleast for me.

  2. tshering on said:

    wow mam, this is awe inspiring!

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