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An encounter of an AMAZING kind with Pranic Healing

Pranic healing pics 010

A young passionate healer and a patient with full faith in receiving the healing

Last evening I was at the Youth Development Fund (YDF) for my Thursday group meditation. I met many new faces who had taken up Pranic Healing classes after us. They were there for the same purpose. Before we started off with our meditation programme, we sat around the warm heater interacting with each other and sharing the experiences of Pranic Healing. One new healer shared with us how she got into pranic healing. She has a mother who has been suffering from asthma for a long time. It had been quite a stressful time for the mother and daughter. While the mother coughed severely every night there was nothing that the daughter could do apart from the normal medical treatment that was prescribed.
As faith would have it when she shared her problem with her friend, she was told that the friend would do the healing. She thought the friend had gone nuts. The same friend would say that she would do the healing whenever she met anyone with pain. This is the recount of what the lady told me when we met last evening, “At one point we met another friend who had neck pain and this friend of mine happily came forward to do the healing. I thought she must have really gone out of her mind to go around telling all the sick people that she can do the healing. She persisted that I bring my mother to her for the healing.”
Well that was when she decided to take her mother and see what happens. Her friend did the healing and amazingly that night the mother did not cough at all. The next day the mother was moving out and around happily. It brought so much faith to her that she then decided to take up the classes herself. And today she is a regular at YDF though she has just started practicing.
There is another story the two young regular healers at YDF shared with me. Both of them are regular healers and mostly attend to elderly people. They said that the elderly people go home so happy and relaxed after the healing. When they come for healing the next day they are full of praises and blessings for the healers. This keeps the two young ladies on their toes all the time. There is a greater motivation to heal others and heal oneself. In making others happy one feels the deepest sense of happiness and satisfaction. And I say there is no greater healing than the great sense of fulfillment.
By the way I noticed that both the young ladies were glowing with brightness and they were filled with smiles-smiles that come from within, smiles that we smile when our inner self glows. Service to others is service to god. And in this case they are making many lives easier to live by. We say in Bhutanese that “a horse cannot carry the load of the blessings that comes from making a person happy.” And may this be truly reflected in the service of these two young passionate and compassionate healers. Hail to Miss Thinley of YDF and Miss Dawa. And I am so grateful for the opportunities to be with these willing people. I am already looking forward to the next Thursday.

Quote for the day: “Be grateful for every moment because it can be taken away in an instant.” ~ Ann Tran

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3 thoughts on “An encounter of an AMAZING kind with Pranic Healing

  1. s.galay on said:

    Wonderful and very useful articles . Always keep it uppppp….i luv to read it

  2. Thinley Chezom on said:

    A very beautiful article which is indeed based on all true story & a very inspiring piece of art….hope you will keep on writing and we are eagerly waiting for your upcoming new wonderful articles to be read……. ❤

  3. dawa deyma on said:

    and we are blessed too with such good writer in our healing group! Infact your articles inspire us to work more with compassion! thanks to u too ❤

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