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105th National Day Celebration- bringing in an ERA of new meaning for Democracy


On 17th December 2012, we witnessed one of the most memorable National Day event graced by both the Majesties.  It was probably the first time that the Desups took part in the marching ceremony instead of the school children.  And most importantly it was the first time when 112 teachers were recognized for their dedicated service to the Nation.


 It was overwhelming to see many of our long serving teachers who have given most of their lives in the cause of education got finally recognized.   National Order of Merit in Gold was awarded to these teachers. Teachers who served for longer duration with unwavering dedication and teachers who were creative and innovative in teaching were chosen to receive the medals. 


The award comes at the time when the Nation is celebrating Sherig Century- 100 Years of Educating the Nation. There is no better way to celebrate Sherig Century than to receive the highest level of award from His Majesty the King.  This is the best gift our teachers received. The honour bestowed by His Majesty the King on teachers simply indicates that teachers are in the core of His Majesty’s Heart. This is also an indication of His Majesty’s trust in our teachers and the education system to serve our children well so that they can become responsible citizens.  It’s an indication that teachers play a much greater role in shaping the nation’s future generations.


My only hope is that this kind gesture of His Majesty the King inspires many others who are aspiring to become teachers and motivate the ones who are in the system to rededicate themselves in the cause of education.


His Majesty also stressed on the importance of democracy and how the whole nation should participate in the promotion of vibrant democracy in our country. With s wide smile on his face, he asks the crowd whether they will participate in the 2013 Election and the crowd roars affirmation in unison. His Majesty’s message that we should put national interest before our personal goals and ambitions reminds us to foster a sense of community, brotherhood and oneness in times of need at the same time not forgetting what lies ahead of us.


Later that evening, I watched a moving recount of the 97th National Day Celebration in 2004 at Mongar. It was graced by His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo along with Queen Mothers Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wanghuck and Ashi Tshering Pem Wangchuck, His Royal Highness Princes Dasho Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck, and Dasho Ugyen Jigme Wangchuck and Her Royal Highness Princess Sonam Dechen Wangchuck.


It was a year after the country led by His Majesty the fourth King had to flush out the insurgent militants out of our country in December 2003. It touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes to see some of the arm forces disabled during the flush out period. It was even more touching to see His Majesty the King meeting with the families of the army personnel who gave their lives fighting for the country.


I thought Bhutan Broadcasting Service did a great service by rebroadcasting the whole 97th National Day Celebration at Gyelposhing in Mongar. It served as a great reminder at least for me to be grateful for where we are today and for what we have now. All thanks to our great leader His Majesty the fourth King and the arm forces of Bhutan.


I also felt very nostalgic as my husband (in the form of militia personnel) was a part of that great victory over the insurgents.  It brought in flood of memories of how I ran from one monastery to another to offer loads of butter lamps and prayers for the safety of the King, my husband and all the arm forces involved in the operation flush out.


I never felt so worried and so proud of my husband knowing he was there fighting for the country alongside His Majesty the Fourth King. That evening when we got the news that we won the victory I cried tears of joy, hugged my two little kids and cried for a long long time.


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