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A-Z of a Wonder Woman- We are the Phenomenal Women!!!!!!!!

Appreciate the little things in life

Befriend but be cautious

Consult others but take your own decisions

Don’t say ‘yes’ when you have to say ‘no’

Expect less or nothing from others

Forgive and forget. It saves a lot of pains to yourself

Give as good as you get. Don’t let anybody mess up with your life

Humour is essential. Learn to find humour even on a crappy day

Inject fun and pleasure into your life. All work and no play make ‘Jane’ a dull girl

Juggle your way through multitasking. It needs simply will power

Knight in shining armour appears only in fairy tales. Face the reality.

Learn to say ‘no’. It saves lots of stresses

Manage your thoughts and your actions will be taken care of.

Never forget the blessings that come each day

Observe, learn, filter and take in only what is necessary

Put yesterday at the back of your mind. Live for today

Question more but intelligently

Remember to forget the things that made you sad. Let go of the past

Stand your ground when you know you are right

Think positive thoughts all the time. It makes you a better person

Undaunted, Undeterred, Undismayed, Unfazed, are the 4 Us you should possess

Venture out and take the risk. It is worth than not doing anything

Winter is here but spring comes soon after. Be optimistic

Xerox your inner beautiful self on the face. It shows a lot

Yearn not for happiness from outside. Remember it is within you

Zero on the negative thoughts

(Dedicated to all the women in the world on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2013) 8th March


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