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A little boy’s description of his life


I happened to be at the Children’s Art display on the theme “My Life” organized by UNESCO, Bhutan Office. The first art that captured my attention was by a class IV student wherein he had portrayed his mother playing card game amongst few men and the boy doing household chores. He describes his life as being lonely and pathetthic. He says he feels very unhappy as his mother always goes to play card after the office hours and comes home late at night. He writes that while all the other children eat pack lunch during the lunch break, he watches them in envy as his mother does not prepare the same for him and his little sister. He writes that when the parents of other children come to pick them up from school, he and his little sister walk home. He even writes that he has to do all the household chores after the school as his mother is not there to do them.

In one drawing he portrays himself as a lonely, sad boy under a tree. He writes that he doesn’t like his kind of life and wishes that his mother is there for him like any other mother. This little boy is exactly suffering from the syndrome in what Mother Teresa quoted as “There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.”

As I read through the write ups and studied the drawings, it brought tears to my eyes and I could not control them from flowing out forcefully. Here is a little boy who is battling for the attention and support of his mother on a daily basis. I wish that the mother had seen this art and writing. At least she may come to know about her actions and the consequences of them on her children. I felt sad for the little boy’s life. Felt sadder knowing that this may not have come to the awareness of his teachers. He may be displaying all symptoms of lack of attention and love. This may have direct affect on his performance in the school and his relationship with other children.

We talk of so much pastoral care for our children yet the very person who is supposed to be the epitome of love falters at the very place where things should start. This may be one stray case which has come to our notice. But there may be many children in the cities and town who are undergoing the same feelings like that of this boy. Seems like the Parenting Education that the Ministry of Education initiated has not helped the many parents in their role of pastoral care.


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