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Eulogy to my Rosy


Rosy my dog left his beautiful body on Saturday.-3rd August 2013. I prayed for his soul to find another body too soon not for his soul to rest in peace. Rosy had been with me since 2003 and he had been through some of the rough days in my life. He has been a part of my joy all through these years.


There are certain things about Rosy which always brings smiles on my face. He would follow me to the school and would sit right next to me in front of the assembly. I used to have no choice but to let him tag along with me because he wasn’t the kind of dog that would want to be tied inside a house. Kids used to enjoy the assembly especially admiring the many gestures that Rosy would display. I would only pray that let there be no sign of another dog around or else Rosy would grumble and bark in front of the entire assembly creating commotions with the dogs barking and the students laughing.


One time I tried to keep him inside my office with the office latched from outside. You can imagine the mess that he had created in my office by the time I was done with assembly. At another time we were at a dinner at my colleague’s house and the owner had lots of cats there. For the first time I really saw the fight between a dog and a cat. It was a huge wreck with the cat chasing my Rosy around our dining place breaking the wine glasses and dirtying the floor and it wasn’t done until Rosy got a nice big slap from the kitty.


Whenever I go out of station Rosy would wait for me on a small hill top and he wouldn’t go home unless he sees me. If I was going to town and had my car door opened Rosy would have already got inside the car. Then there used to be no way but to drive him to the town and off course as always either he would fight with other dogs in the town or he would have finished my car if he was locked inside.


There is one interesting fact about Rosy. One day I just found out that he had fallen in love with a female stray dog around my neighborhood. She used to come everyday around my house and I noticed that whenever we fed Rosy, she would be watching him. Rosy would eat a certain portion of the food and leave the rest for his girlfriend. He would quietly retire to a corner and then she used to eat the remaining food.


There was a time when only Rosy and I were left during the winter vacations. Even though I wouldn’t feel like eating I always used to ensure that he got his fillings that also with meat kept only for him. My daughter when she was in class two described dogs as her favourite animal and Rosy as her favourite pet. Rosy was well loved by everyone in the family.


Today Rosy is no more with us but his memories live with us and we shall cherish him forever with love and fondness. May he find another healthy, energetic body soon and be amongst us once again.



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