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The Juggler

This is the story of Women’s Day.

Being one of the organisers of the event on March 8, I travelled all the way to Trashigang in my Blackie to arrange things in advance. Blackie is my little black car that carried me 1,324 kilometers to Trashigang and back without a single hitch. On the morning of the Big Day, I got up early and congratulated myself for being a brave lady driving all alone through day and night and making it for the day.

The theme for the International Women’s Day 2011 was “Equal Access to education and training: Pathway to decent work for women.” That day made me contemplate deeply. If we are talking of equality and access the we must also take responsibility and accountability. And I was telling myself that’s exactly what I was doing. Taking responsibility and accountability for the opportunity given to me to serve in equal terms in a male dominated work place.

Multitasking by nature, I have always juggled home and work, kids and their studies, their extracurricular class and one to one time with them either at home or outdoors. Prior to my departure to Trashigang, I was sharing with a friend how stressed I was always moving about between work and home. The moment I am home, I am faced with piled dishes in the kitchen sink rather than a warm cup of tea. And there is no time to waste. I put my rice cooker on. Prepare the recipe for the curry for the kids’ school luncheon, all the while also mentally preparing for their breakfast menu.

As soon as the stuffs are put on the oven, I take to my dishes at the same time ensuring that at certain intervals I go and check the kids’ study schedule. I am glad at least my kids are well trained to their home rules. But my son would come after every five minutes with some excuses. Sometimes he would want to use the washroom, sometimes he would say he is hungry and sometimes he would simply come to find out when he will get his break time when he had not even finished spending 10 minutes with books.

By the time I finish my dishes, I also get done with with my cooking and kids would have finished their home works and revision but at the same time I also end up with a back breaking pain.

And work place is no different. Everyday you get your share of work which you can’t put away to another day. Besides your regular share of work you also get to tend to some ad hoc work that your boss place on you and there is no way you can deny.

And you know what my friend said before I left for Trashigang, ” Here is a woman who is so stressed out and it’s so ironic that she is going to Trashigang to celebrate the International Women’s Day.”

(Note: This article was written in 2011. So much have changed from 2006 to 2011 and now 2013, but I am still a multitasking person. When it comes to my two children I guess I shall always remain a multitasker. Atleast these days I have my hubby staying with us and he is a big help. We share the work load at home and I usually don’t end up with that back breaking pain. I am so grateful for his presence at home and his contribution in making our lives a lot easier. And off course unlike in 2006, we dont’ have a maid and I see no reason to keep one too.)

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One thought on “The Juggler

  1. An inspiration other women; its nice to read your post after very long time. why don’t you write often?

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