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Experiences of the PAST


The discussions on twitter last night brought flood of memories of my child hood. That child hood which at one point I made an attempt to put in writing because I wanted to tell a story. But somehow I could never bring to an end in the writing even though I could start off. I was afraid that people might start stigmatizing me after reading my post.

However, last night I got renewed feelings to continue writing my story and share it with others. I could see that there will be many who share my story at some point of their lives.  

How the discussion took place in twitter? I was following the posts @sonamongmo where in she was having good discussions with @ksingye and @dorji Wangchuk regarding the way of life in the past which was filled with innocence and simplicity. The discussions that focused on BGTS, truck rides, helping father with the BGTS, a mother that would throw up every time she took the BGTS ride. I barged in the discussion narrating a fraction of a part of my past about how I had to walk to my school in the cold winters of Haa on bare foot lifting my feet turn wise to save myself from the biting chill.

Then came in floods of tweets each sharing the experiences of their childhood, schooling, and hostel lives and all. Most shared their experiences of having to collect firewood for the hostels, for the principals and teachers failing which they would be penalized with no breakfast or beatings. (the fire wood had to be hard wood/oak wood) The experiences also included from how some were sent on to collect mushrooms and water for the teachers to how one ended up in the empty Thukpa kala (Porridge pot)  on bata chapals (slippers) while still in class PP.

There were some hilarious yet very innocent act of having dug up the dead pig and eating it after roasting and no cases of any illness being reported to some who ate a dead cow and got hospitalized. I also got the glimpse of the lives of those who went to bed hungry every night and woke up hungrier every morning and how WFP came out as a LIFE SAVIOUR for them.

Each experience were followed by some comments like how lucky and fortunate it was for those who did not collect poisonous mushrooms or else the teacher and the collector both would have faced untimely death. The discussions went on to how writing can be very therapeutic to telling our own stories for our own sake. Some joined in the discussions to tell us how it was an eye opener and a source of inspirations for them.

Some may sound hilarious and some may bring tears but each one in twitter in the convoy of discussions had some story to tell. At the end of it all, it is apparent that each was waiting for the other to start telling the story. It was a very inspiring discussion and more than anything it inspired me to tell my story and I am sure others will agree with me too on this.

Thank you all for the wonderful glimpses of your past experiences and for the huge INSPIRATIONS that I got.


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3 thoughts on “Experiences of the PAST

  1. Beautiful articles and same thing happened to me too la.

  2. You should write your story because it is the story of all of us.

    I also hesitated about writing my story so I ventured to write for my family’s future use. But after I wrote the few pages and I showed it to my daughter she loved it and shared it with my sister who was pleasantly proud with my daughter.

    After doing the first 100 pages I sent it a good friend of mine (who also traveled on BGTS and walked barefoot). It was he who told me that it will be a story about us. Not just mine.

    So I am writing. And so you should.

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