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Be Patient at the Hospital

My mother used to cover her head and get herself into the blanket the moment she knew a particular doctor was on the round. It was six years back. The doctor had really hurt the sentiment of the old lady in desperation. During those days in the hospital I used to observe lots of patients crying in pain not from the illness but from the harsh scolding of the doctors and nurses on duty.

Just a few days ago, my neighbour had gone to the emergency ward when her little son fell sick suddenly. To her dismay, the doctor on duty behaved very rudely and even handled the child roughly. The child got so scared that when the doctor asked him if he was feeling sick again, the child said, ‘No’ much to the pain of the concerned mother. It almost tore the mother’s heart.

some years back when I used to go for my regular pap smear test at the Motithang BHU, I noticed pregnant women and mothers with new born for their routine checkup. It annoyed me to see how the lady puts the babies in the weighing machine just like weighing any other objects in the vegetable market or a grocery shop.

A year back I was in the emergency ward along with my brother. There, I noticed a doctor talking gently with the patients, comforting them and giving them hopes. I could see smiles on the faces of the old and young sick people there. The way he handled the patients looked very professional yet very personal. I couldn’t help but wonder if all the doctors and nurses could be like his kind. Later I learned that he was doctor Lotay.

We do understand that doctors have a stressful life but taking it out on the patients does not seem to be right as much as it is wrong on the part of the teachers to turn their frustrations on their students. It is more so inhumane to be handling an innocent child in a rough manner. I always assumed doctors would be trained to be sympathetic and empathetic and be more humane than inhumane. May be I was wrong in my assumption. But what is more compassionate than patting on the back of a patient and saying that he will be alright. That itself would cure half of his illness.

I guess sick people need more of emotional support and continuous assurance that they are cared for. This will have greater impact on their psychology. If someone is mentally happy he will feel much lesser physical pain. And at the end of the day it is important to remember that everyone is a human being and that no matter what we go through it is our responsibilty to be respectful of the feelings of the other person.

I guess our doctors and nurses need to be more Patient with the Patients.

NOTE: This article was posted in Business Bhutan column some 3 years ago.


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