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Lomba on the eve of New Year

This year for the first time in my awareness Lomba falls on the eve of the New Year. Indeed it is a double celebration for the people of Haa and Paro region. Since this new year eve is a unique one I do not intend to go out and party. Rather I thought it might be a good idea to stay stuck at home with family members and end 2013 in a cozy manner with my family as well as welcome 2014 in the best of our family spirits. I intend to celebrate my lomba and new year with loads of hontey. Off course the honteys that my siblings and cousins drop in for me since i can not prepare it myself.  (I know it is a shame to admit it) Unfortunately this time I can’t go around distributing honteys to my friends and colleagues as my only source of hontey making is attending her teachings at Phuentsholing under the tutelage of His Holliness Namkhai Ningpo Rinpoche. So I don’t wish to disturb her.

This new year eve shall remain as one of the most memorable day in my life. This is the day for the family to sit and discuss the way forward. Time for one to encourage the other in the family, lift the spirit of every one and build a strong family bonding. There is no other better way to end one year and welcome the other in the spirit of family. It is the people in the family that we need to give more attention and time to. After all these are the only people who will be by your side when everything and everyone leaves you. Instead of spending thousands on clubbing and partying, how about a warm count down at home with out any aches, hangovers or regrets of having spent too much in the state of drunkenness.


And I see 2014 beckoning me with lots of hopes and aspirations and a lot of things to look forward to. I see 2014 taking me to a new direction in my career. My girl is getting into grade 10. My boy will be in grade 8. Both the kids will be sitting for Board examinations. My hubby will be taking his business to a new heights. My pug will be turning 4 months old. And above everything I see this small and happy family growing even more closer to each other.

Happy Lomba, Happy New Year and A Happy Family Bonding.

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2 thoughts on “Lomba on the eve of New Year

  1. Happy New Year to you madam. Loved the post!

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