Spontaneous expression of thoughts and emotions in words.


In that pristine beauty without
Reflects the most kindest
Heart and soul within
Filled with benevolence and love

Ever ready to be showered on her
People within and people without
So is Her Royal Majesty The Gyaltsuen
The Queen to the peoples’ King

Thus, the peoples’ Queen
May HRM The Gyaltsuen be blessed
With divine Supreme Being and celestial bodies
To lead a healthy, happy and peaceful life

May HRM live long in the companion
Of the peoples’ KING- long enough
To see the country move forward
With prosperity and happiness of all Bhutanese

On this joyous occasion of HRM ‘s Birth Anniversary,
May it please Your Majesty, The Gyaltsuen
With this humble tribute from deep within
From this humble soul with dedication

Happiest Birth Day to Your Royal Majesty!


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  1. Nice and timely.
    I join you madam Karma in wishing Her Majesty the healthy and happy life for ever.

  2. Namkha on said:

    Very sweet article and i too join to wish Her Majesty long live

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