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Elected Leaders and Senior Bureaucrats should be held to higher Moral Standards

Morality, ethics, integrity, principle of goodness and principles based on honesty are some characteristics that should be associated with every citizens of the country and more so with the people who are elected leaders and senior bureaucrats.

One can make or break a country especially if one has the power to run the country or one has the authority to influence the decisions of the ones who run the country.

That is why it is so very important that elected leaders and senior government officials be held to higher moral standards compared to other citizens in the country. The fate and destiny of a nation can be shaped by these people who hold the important posts as parliamentarians and senior government officials.

Lack of morality can lead to so many problems and issues for the King, Country and People. Economic development of the nation will be affected if the important post holders and decision makes are immoral in their thoughts, act and conduct. Issues like gap between the haves and have-not will be widened. Unemployment issues of the youth will aggravate more. More of nepotism, favouritism, collusion, and other acts of corruption will be on the rise.

For instance, let’s take an example of a civil service. The core values of a civil service is to deliver its service efficiently. Now if the senior bureaucrats are on a rampant spree of favouritism, nepotism and collusion where by only the ones that they prefer are sent on foreign trips and are always treated with preferences over the ones who perform very well but are not in
the good books of the bosses, then this situation will definitely dishearten the ones who are good performers.

These group of people who are best at their tasks but do not know how to act like a sycophant to their bosses will end up being frustrated at their work and eventually end up a de-motivated person at work thereby losing his/her efficiency at work too.

So in such a case, who is ultimately at loss? It is the government who is losing out on personnel who can give so much and make a difference. It is the nation that is losing out on someone who could otherwise have contributed differently for the nation. It is the people who are losing out on someone who could have brought service to their door steps. The particular organization where the individual works will be affected too. And finally, it is the King to whom the senior bureaucrats have cheated on in their act of corruption and in their ill thoughts.The quote on leadership by His Majesty the King says everything about leadership in just one sentence. “What we need is not leaders who lead the masses, we need leadership of the self.”

For me this quote is saying that we need high moral standards to balance our thoughts, acts and conducts in the right manner. This in itself is leadership of self. As long as one has control and leadership of self one would be ready to lead the masses as well.

If I may take the readers through another example; you see if our elected leaders and senior bureaucrats lack morality then we face the risk of losing our independence as a nation. We never know how a man of ill morals will act especially at times when the nation might need them the most. Outside forces will take huge advantage of the country and its people if they come to know that the country’s elected leaders and senior bureaucrats lack high moral standards and ethics.

Our sovereign nation that has been passed down to its people by the generation of well serving Kings would be in jeopardy if its nation’s elected leaders and senior government officials are deficient in high moral standards.

Our His Majesty the King always says that, “Good is not good enough. We must Excel.” And I strongly feel that we can excel in exhibiting high moral standards in politics and even at delivering services as bureaucrats. I guess that is what His Majesty means when he says that he wishes to see, “intelligent, spiritual and brave citizens.” Citizens who excel in high moral
standards, citizens who are compassionate, caring and share loving kindness to each other and all sentient beings. Citizens, who value relationships, possess civic sense, develop love and care for public property, instill in oneself sense of belonging, appreciate our culture and tradition, and above all practice mindfulness in everyday life.

I have been talking about why our elected leaders and senior bureaucrats should possess high moral standards. However, this is not to say that other citizens can be either moral or immoral. It is the responsibility of each and every citizen of the country to be mindful of our thoughts, acts and conducts. It is in having a strong control and grip of these things that we create an individual who is ethically and morally sound in body speech and mind.

While it is important for everyone to possess high moral standards, it is imperative by virtue of their posts that elected leaders and senior bureaucrats not only display high moral standards but equally practice them with mindfulness.

Consistency in maintaining high moral standards in every sphere of life and activity is important to not only safeguard our sovereign nation from external intruders but also to enhance economic development and protect the well being of every citizen of the country.

Lastly, let’s not forget that our Kings have left no stones unturned to bring about peace and happiness for the people of Bhutan. Now that it is our turn to give back to the King and Country, the least we can do is develop a high moral standard and deliver our service to the Nation in the best possible interest of the King, Country and People.

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One thought on “Elected Leaders and Senior Bureaucrats should be held to higher Moral Standards

  1. Namkha on said:

    Very beautiful articles congratulation

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