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There is so much in a NAME!

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” So said William Shakespeare in his famous play Romeo and Juliet.

But not when names become the cause of confusion and lack of direction. My recent post on Face Book page regarding the advertisement on the catering of food for home, picnic, party and gathering had some confusion especially because I did the posting on behalf ‘A Mr. Chundu Tshering.’ Now my husband’s name is also Chundu Tshering, my brother’s name is Chundu Tshering and also I have a student by the same name and there are many private agencies by the name such as Chundu automobiles, Chundu saw mills, Chundu Tours and Travel, Chundu Motors and many more.
For the information of all, let me tell you that on an average most men from Haa will have the first name as Chundu followed by different second names. And most people even if they are not from Haa but born in Haa will have the similar kind of names. It is because of App Chundu being the local deity of the place and most are named after him since people go to either Lhakhang Karpo or the Genchukha Lhakhang to get the names for the new born and also to pay their gratitude for the gift of a child.
For instance my husband is from Kurtoe. However, he was born in Haa while his dad was serving in the arm force at Damthang. And that is how he got his name. My brother has the same name because we are from Haa.
Interestingly, the very next day after my post on FB, I was greeted with lots of inquiry when I got at my work place. Colleagues started inquiring me what kind of food specialty that my husband deals in. Some even congratulated me about the creative business idea and some said it would be nice to have door to door step food delivery and many wanted to order food for immediate gathering. I even started to get calls on my phone and that was the time I realized I had made a big blunder in posting the advertisement on behalf of ‘A Chundu Tshering’ who has the same name as my husband’s.
By the way this Mr. Chundu Tshering is very good with his food and most people who have tasted his food will agree with me. He used to run a restaurant and was in the business for a very long time. However, recently his creative mind started to work and he decided catering for and on various occasions with special homemade food would be a hit with the people in this busy modern day life. If people are interested here is the number, 17607346 but please remember that he is not my Chundu Tshering.

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3 thoughts on “There is so much in a NAME!

  1. Blogging can be used for business haha. Just kidding madam. Yes, there is so much in a name, especially in Bhutan, like Chundu there are hundreds of Karmas and Pemas.

  2. tshering on said:

    ha ha…Madamji…even i thought it was your Chundu Tshering…lol

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