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An open letter to the vice principal of the school where my son is studying:12/09/2015

Dear Vice Principal,
I understand that my son had a friction with a girl from his class and that you have decided to suspend them from the school. Well, at least this is what I heard from my husband and son and the girl and her father much later when I could afford to meet them all. True to their statements my boy missed his class today and he would be missing for the next five days till the school decides the kind of punishment for him and the girl involved in the case.

Before, you decide on any course of action I want you to know certain facts about my son which I am sure impossible for you to gauge from more than 1000 plus students.

Well my son turned 14 this July 2015 and he is in grade 9. He is 5.4ft tall, weighs 54 kg and wears size 43 shoes. For your information let me tell you that he is too tall and big for his age. I have seen boys of his age much too small and cute and a voice that of a little child. However, in my case I have realized that he has entered into what we call teenage stage- a stage where lots of hormonal changes take place within a child that makes them temperamental, emotional, and moody at times, low and high within a fraction of second and so on. This is the time where I am witnessing my boy not only change physically but also other related changes in him that is not only stressful for him but on us-the parents too. I understand what means for you to handle 1000 plus such teenagers. I want you to know that some children enter into teenage stage much earlier than others.

I know my son has lots of weaknesses just like any kids of his age. Being a teenager and going through what he has to go through has put additional pressure on him. He has become temperamental lately, gets angry at the slightest mention of his name and often locks himself in when he feels like he is being reprimanded. He is just average in his studies and does not make any attempts to score higher in his examinations with his greatest weakness being the play station and video games. Now mobile games and social sites have been added to the list of his weaknesses.
However, I am a proud mother still and with so much pride I happily say that my son is not into substance abuse, into gang fights, into juvenile delinquency that we hear of every few seconds these days. I am a proud mother because my boy has lots of other talents although he brings low marks in his summative assessment. I do my own assessment of my son and I know where I should capitalize on his talents. My boy is a great artist, he has beautiful voice, he can play guitar and drum, he reads books of his interest, and most importantly he has lots of compassion in him. I know it by the way he indulges with our pet dog, Nuchu. He is a big brother to our pet, a protective brother to his elder sister, and a loving son to us.
He makes bed tea for me, makes breakfast for me when we are alone, knowing the fact that I sleep late and get up late.(most evenings I end up reading and doing book reviews or catching up on news on social medias) He does his own laundry, does his dish washing, and helps me in cleaning the house.

I want you to understand that with all his negativity there are equally or more positives to counter those negative qualities. I want you to understand that my boy is at the stage where he needs more love than hate, understanding over indifference, care over negligence, guidance over lack of supervision, and counseling more than punishment.
Above all I want you to understand that my boy is at a very fragile point of his life. This is the point where we as parents and teachers can break or make the lives of children. I as a mother am doing my part. I would like to request you to support the effort I am putting in to building the life of my boy. I applaud you and your team for all the efforts you all put into taking care of more than 1000 plus children every year but at the same time I do not wish to see the efforts gone into vain for a wrong decision that you may make at the wrong time.

Most importantly, I want you to understand that my boy is a jewel for me. My two kids are my eyes in this world. If anything happens to him one of my sights is one. He is so special for me and he is such a joy in my life.

Lastly, I want you to know that this is the first complaint I have ever received against my son from the school and that also of a nature which does not seem to call for suspension from the school. I understand that as per the school disciplinary policy, cases of such nature for a first timer warrants school intervention in terms of counseling and guidance. Is there also any justification as to why children are suspended for the first five days while you meet up with your team to decide the course of action to be taken? What about those five days of missed classes? Don’t you also look into the nature of the disciplinary issues and the severity of the case? May I, therefore, request the school authority to reconsider looking into all these issues?

Looking forward to more supportive and positive intervention from your end.
Gratefully yours,
Copy to:
1. Principal of the school.
2. Class teacher of my son.
3. Subject teachers of my son.

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