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Druk gi Yabjey Dhampa-The Father of the Nation.

Ever since I could remember, I have celebrated so many birth anniversaries of both their Majesties but nothing like the 60th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo on 11th November 2015. I took this as a very special one and something that touched my heart never like before.
The first thing in the morning that swelled my heart was to see huge crowd of people who have filled the entire stadium and yet there were chains of lines of people waiting to get inside the stadium. One among them was my father. Later on, I learned that he had to rush back home to watch the television as he could not make it inside the stadium. I was one of the dancers in the 108 ladies dance troupe and we were at the ground by 7 a.m. in the morning. By then the changlimithang stadium was filled to the brim and there were hosts of hustle and bustle of activities going about both within and outside the ground.
Secondly, it was His Majesty’s Address to the entire Nation that had me take the moment to heart. I cried tears of joy when His Majesty announced that Bhutan is going to have a son from Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen. Even now when I narrate the news I get tears. Like me, many of my friends and colleague shared the same experiences. I was like wow! This is what we call a ‘Aha’ moment for Bhutan. It was, in my view, the best gift for His Majesty The great fourth who was beautifully described as the Druk gi Yabjey Dhampa-The Father of the Nation by His Majesty The King.
His Majesty’s tribute address to our fourth Druk Gyalpo carried so much weight and that day I went home carrying lots of takeaways from the celebration ground. I learned that amongst many values that His Majesty The Fourth King believes in, something that came out strongly are maintaining Laws of the Land, having Faith and Trust in each other, ensuring our Integrity, Meritocracy, Leadership and Talents.
This is a message that conveys that if you and I practice these values of His Majesty The Fourth Druk Gyalpo, then we are already serving our King, Country and the People. His Majesty The King is the living example who follows in the footsteps of the great fourth. Once back home from the celebration ground, I could not help myself from face booking and tweeting the messages because I wanted them to remain imprinted in my heart. I would not hesitate single second in my life to call our Kings as our Pride.
I kept reminding myself time and again that on 11th November,2015, we were listening to His Majesty talking about the King who at 17 embarked on taking care of Bhutan and her people when at 17 our people would be enjoying their youthful lives. We were listening to the tributes to the Dharma King who sacrificed his personal wish and happiness for the well being of the people of Bhutan.
The last impression of the day is the Tashi Labey time. By virtue of being one of the dancers on the day, it was a privilege for me to take part in it. Just as I whirled myself to the tune of labey, there in the inner circle just next to me were their Majesties The Kings and Gyaltsuen also moving to the tune of labey. My heart skipped a beat and I got more excited and energized to sing even louder the labey chorus song.
By the way, for the first time after my college days, I danced in the open ground with 107 other ladies from all walks of life. It was a special tribute dance and I felt elated to be there at Changlimithang performing for My Kings.

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