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In response to Mr. Wangcha Sangay’s post on “Please Quit the Education Ministry”

Dear Mr. Wangcha Sangay,

I have always followed your post very religiously and almost every time admired your boldness and guts in writing about everything under the sun and above the earth without any hesitation. But this time I am sorry to say I don’t agree with the way you wrote about Sherig Lyonpo and how you construed the meaning of the justifications Sherig Lyonpo gave at the Question –Answer Session of the National Council.

You see most of the times people are under the denial state and always try to sweep things under the carpet. Most of the time we don’t want to accept that there is a problem and because we do not want to admit that there are problems we do not come up with any solutions as well.

It is only in accepting that there are problems that we can come up with solutions to overcome the problems and I guess Sherig Lyonpo is only trying to admit that there are problems for which we need to find solutions. It only shows his concern about the grave situation that we are in and how best we can answer such situation so as to mold our youth in ways that is envisioned from the throne. In no way I see Sherig Lyonpo shaming our youth, Education Ministry, Parents and nation by admitting that we have problems. Let’s accept it, own it and let’s face it if we feel the need to move ahead.

And for your kind information, Sherig Lyonpo wasn’t being just loud mouth as you seem to refer him to. The fact that there are 50% of the youth abusing drugs (drugs here is inclusive of all substance starting from Chewing Tobacco, Cigarette, various inhalants and others) is true and it has been derived based on the average of the survey carried out by sampled schools in urban areas.  These figures may not suggest that 50% of our youth are full time addicted on drugs but it is something for everyone to think about and especially for an Education Minister it is a matter of huge concern for its on his shoulder the burden lies to strategize the answers to such problems.

And yes 33.5% of the students were stunted due to malnutrition in 2010 as per the National Nutrition Survey, 2015. This figure has dropped down to 16.6% in 2015 but still some disparity in different regions. For instance, the prevalence rate of stunting is 20% in eastern region while it is 14.9 % and 14.2% respectively in western and central region. There is a disparity even in rural and urban areas as in 20.8% in the former and 11.9% in the later.

You see what matters is the fact that Sherig Lyonpo cares and because he cares he is willing to accept the fact and admit it publicly. Don’t you think it is the duty of everyone to support and work towards achieving one common goal of improving the quality of our youth? And for that first we need to accept the fact and admit it.


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5 thoughts on “In response to Mr. Wangcha Sangay’s post on “Please Quit the Education Ministry”

  1. I wish everything is under my control. I wish why cant everyone stop to count the need of education. What is really going on with the present system in our ministry? what if the education section is given the highest position like other country. we don’t want things only through the papers, in the forms of unrealistic rules in place. We want something realistic and reliable rules in place for a better change. Yes, i too have read the article by Wangcha sir and for which i too felt the need to voice out what is really going wrong. I have seen nothing better is happening in our system. When with the same workload and same curriculum teachers in other country are paid hourly basis worth to $5600 per hour and here with the same or even more workload and pressure our teachers are paid less and even beaten up by our students. Anyway its good to hear we wanted some changes…Thank you madam and i do read your blog.
    sancha bdr rai.

  2. I follow both of u regularly and have high regards for both of u… I look up to one’s boldness and another’s concern over the last couple of years but this time around I too felt the way madam Karma felt. Over the course of years I have noticed politicians here and abroad hiding the negative sides and situations to maintain positive images at the face value but for the first I have seen somebody boldly accept the ground reality n take up the responsibility. It’s no more a hide and seek game, we can no more pretend to deny the fact at hand, instead it’s time to accept and look for suitable solutions.
    Thanking you

  3. dear author,
    gr8 response. I feel your r defending the problems den accepting it. anwa much better than wangchen’s article…

  4. Wai Aum Private,

    ZAI!!!!! Your tirade caused poor Wangcha Sangey to promptly remove the post from his Blog. Or was it something else that got him to delete it? Whatever the reason, all three of you – Wangcha Sangey, Sherig Lyonpo and you – have each made a stand.

    Sherig Lyonpo – has the guts to bring out in the open the issue of rampant drug abuse by school children

    Sangey Wangcha – is peeved enough to chastise the Sherig Lyonpo for doing so

    Karma Choden – duty bound to defend her Lyonpo for something that Wangcha Sangey believes is culpable misadventure.

    But at the end, does it really matter what three of you have said or written? What matters is now that the issue is out in the open, what are you going to do about it? You have now openly recognized the malice that exists at an alarming scale. But that is neither here nor there.

    What matters is after the show of gallantry, what are you going to do to remedy the problem?

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