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Orange is my SKIN

Well, I was woken up to the sound of excited children around my neighborhood. I was like why there is so much noise especially on a Saturday morning when I should be having a quiet and longer slumber. But then my daughter says, ‘either you sleep or wake up to a beautiful snowfall.’ And no sooner did she say that I got up, looked out of my bedroom window and Lo and Behold! Snow alas… I couldn’t contain my joy and before I realized I was dressed up fully in warm clothes ever ready to get out of the room and feel the falling of the flakes on my face. I had not even brushed my teeth and washed my face. But who cared when the snow was there.


I had my daughter take my Nuchu and Bumo out to feel the snow. After that is done, we took our much-desired walk around Mothithang area feeling the snow all the while and occasionally making snowballs to hit back to the street snow balls attacks.


Once I reached back home and checked my phone, I saw a number of alerts and notifications one of which says there is a disaster at the Changlimithnag RENEW Mega Fair and Desuups are wanted for support.

Well, quickly I brushed my teeth, washed my face and got myself into my Desuung Uniform. Grabbed a quick breakfast and then walked down the lane to Changlimithang as I didn’t dare drive in the snow.

It was snowing at full force and there were few desuups, RBP Forces, RENEW officials, officials from Gyalpoi Zimpons’s Office along with Secretary of the Ministry of home and Cultural Affairs and Cabinet Secretary and Dasho Dzongda of Thimphu to console the bereft shopkeepers who have come all the way from India, Bangladesh, and Nepal for the Mega Trade Fair here in Thimphu.



We were there the entire day drenched in snow and water trying to see how we could sort out the mess while providing moral support to the traders. We felt encouraged by the support from the highest office (HM’s Secretariat) and the presence of the Prime Minister boosted our Morales even more. The lunch and refreshment at the site was provided from the Secretariat Office of His Majesty for everyone. Later His Excellency the Prime Minister and Aum took us to a hot coffee treat at the Ambient Café. The very gesture touched our hearts so much so that the feeling of being in that orange uniform brought in a huge sense of pride and fulfillment.


My desuup couple friends and I decided to take a ride to view the snow-clad Thimphu at the end of the day since we really missed it during the day. So we took a ride towards Dechenphug and ended the day singing our lungs out at a Karaoke. In a way the 2017 snow fall turned out to be one of the best experience for me.


The next whole day Desuups along with RBP, RBA, City Corporation, Officials from Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs, Thimphu Dzongkhag, Bhutan Power Corporation, Cabinet and HM’s Secretariat helped evacuate the goods and relocate them properly in a safe place. The ground seemed to be decorated in orange. The flood of men and women in orange seemed to over power any other forces on the ground.



17236956_10155084764496703_502517801_o (1)

Every single desuup worked back breaking on the day but nothing can soothe our tired limbs and body than to hear a lady from RENEW saying “Now I know the real value and meaning of being a desuup. I am inspired to take up the desuung course.” My dear fellow desuups, now that’s what I call a real compliment and imagine the joy of being a desuup! At the end of the day the real satisfaction comes from having done good for the society and this is what we the desuups have done on the last three days of the mini disaster that had fallen on RENEW Mega Trade Fair.




Kudos to all my fellow desuups. We earned a good sleep for the weekends and what is more- The note by our Desunng Director sums it up all for our action. Orange indeed is our skin and it definitely is my skin. We are the Orange Skin Squad. (the term courtesy- my friend Charmi Chheda)


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