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Hon’ble Sherig Lyonpo meets the B.Ed graduates from Paro College of Education and Samtse College of Education.

17353304_1022778397853135_8665468679168125272_nHon’ble Sherig Lyonpo Norbu Wangchuk on 15th March 2017 met with 279 B.Ed graduates from Paro College of Education and Samtse College of Education including 68 Contract teachers who have been placed as regular civil servants under the umbrella of RCSC.

Lyonpo talked on the role of teachers, how the roles of the teachers are perceived as by not only the society but also teachers themselves. And how these thought perceptions could be changed by, ‘Leaving a Legacy.’ Lyonpo says that one can leave that legacy simply by supporting the legacy building of His Majesty The King.

leave a legacy

“Whenever you come across any situation where you feel low and frustrated, always remember that you are connected to a higher legacy…the sacred legacy of His Majesty and that will lift your spirit”, said Lyonpo to the graduates.

Lyonpo also talked on the challenges of today’s time in the face of changing geopolitics, economic development, climate change and how Bhutan fit in these changing times. At a time like this education plays the most scared role in preparing our children to face the challenges posed by the time. This is where teachers come in with their sacred duties. Teachers should seek the answers to these challenges in the classrooms, to prepare our children for much bigger role than cleaning the toilets somewhere in Australia. If we have to build Bhutan’s future, we have to first build it in our classrooms, said Lyonpo.


Lyonpo said that the quantum leaps in terms of development and technology are very huge. There is a huge jump in the mechanization, in the society’s aspiration and expectations even in today’s Bhutan. In such a time, how do we prepare our future generations? Lyonpo urged the graduates not to be relaxed in what is at present that the things are changing by leaps and bounds. He also went to say that people here are so relaxed while elsewhere in Singapore, people are talking about preparing their future generations and in Japan people are talking about technology.


Lyonpo said that in education system, the change can start with School, Curriculum and Teachers. Lyonpo informed the floor that changes in the system, curriculum and professional development for teachers have already started at different levels starting from school to Dzongkhag and at the National level. He mentioned that our present education system is not sustainable. It is not possible to construct 600 schools and sustain them. That’s where the Autonomous and Central School come into the scene. We are not even able to deliver quality education to our children. We will not able to give quality education in all the 600 schools because we won’t be able to provide resources adequate for all the schools. However, we can provide that in 120 Central Schools. We have found out that 120 central schools are adequate enough to fit in all the children in Bhutan. That way we can ensure quality delivery of education too, because we can afford resources in 120 schools.


Lyonpo advised the teacher graduates to think positive and lead a positive life- to follow the concept of Think-Feel- Speak-Act theory and urged them to have that fire in them that will inspire the future generations.


Sherig Lyonpo welcomed the teachers in to the family of education and urged them to always remember His Majesty’s vision for the country. He said that His Majesty’s vision brightens up in the classrooms. That is the place where humanity develops and that is the place that talks of the sacrifices of our teachers.

“You are going to join the committed bandwagon of sacrificing teachers and that is where we have hope in education. “ concluded Lyonpo’s address.

inspiration qoute


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