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Hands that reach out

Yesterday on 22nd March 2017, Bhutan Red Cross Society under the Royal Patronage of Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen was launched coinciding with the commemoration of the World Water Day 2017.


2017 World Water Theme was ‘Why Waste Water. In line with the theme twenty-two institutions and communities under the wise leadership of Bhutan Red Cross Society (BRCS) adopted the Chhubachu Stream that starts from upper Mothithang and ends at Wangchhu. A cleaning campaign was conducted as the first activity of the BRCS.

“Acknowledging the theme of this year’s World Water Day – Why waste water? there could not have been a better day than this to launch this very programme of “Cleaning Campaign and adoption of Chubachu stream”. Said the Chair Person of the Working Committee of the Bhutan Red Cross Society- Dasho Tashi Wangmo, Emminient Member of the National Council of Bhutann.

17475445_10154612042130547_1143704256_oDasho further said “This cleaning campaign along the Chubachu stream is the direct outcome of Her Majesty’s personal attention on preserving the pristine environment and Her Majesty’s deep concern over our fresh river waters getting polluted by various forms of wastes that has adverse impact on the bio-diversity and the ecosystem.”

BRCS was formed with the blessings of Their Majesties The King and Queen out of Their Majesties deep concern for health and well being of the citizens.

17453334_10154612042885547_931689005_o“The Bhutan Red Cross Society is mandated to work in the fields of Disaster management, Health promotion, and Social services. With Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen as the President of the Society, the activities of the BRCS will mainly be executed through community volunteerism and memberships”, said Dasho Tashi Wangmo in her opening speech during the launch of the BRCS.

His Excellency The Prime Minister had flown all the way from his eastern Bhutan tour just to grace the day not because he had the luxury of travelling from east to west in a helicopter but because this was an important programme close to his heart. In his address he said that the natural resources of Bhutan means a lot to him and all the citizens of Bhutan should equally appreciate, preserve and protect them.

17499816_10154612043130547_40121419_oLyonchhen mentioned that Bhutan is gifted with clean air, clean water and beautiful flora and fauna and each one of us must work towards maintaining it the way it is now by not polluting our water, air and by preserving our forest and conserving our natural resources.

And as usual our men and women in orange uniforms were present to lend our helping hands in the cleaning campaign. His Excellency The Prime Minister while thanking the volunteers who were present on the day specifically mentioned that desuups who represent His Majesty The King are always present in any kind of voluntary work be it fire fighting, disaster management or cleaning campaign.


And that meant a whole lot to us.



I hope all our desuups realize the significance of that representation when in the orange uniform. I also hope our desuups realize that when in the orange uniform, we are not an individual but we represent the office and we represent His Majesty The King.



Finally I hope our desuups realize that we are the hands that reach out in support not the hands that snatch.

17495611_10154612043325547_543668248_nBy the way just to let all our desuups know that henceforth any desuup who volunteers will be recorded in the system with the desuung office. The system will record the kind and number of voluntary works each desuup has carried out. And please just don’t volunteer for the sake of volunteering. It was good that our coordinator yesterday took the attendance at the end. It was found that half the desuups who were there in the beginning had disappeared.




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