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Sensitivity and In-sensitivity of Social Media

IMG20170428215958Yesterday there was a post by a mother pleading the help of everyone on FB to help find her lost son who was only four years old. The post sounded so desperate and says the boy could be anywhere in Babesa or any part of Thimphu. He looked so cute clad in a black pant and a black pull over holding a even cute black pug. My heart went out to the boy, the parents and especially the mother whose heart must have bled a thousand times.

I neither shared the post nor I commented on every post that went viral on FB but I silently prayed for the well being of the little boy with a hope that he may soon be united with his parents.

To be exact, I recited Chapdro, Baza Guru, Mani, Drolma, Guru Soelldep Tsig Duen, Barche Lamsel and sincerely prayed for the boy and his parents. The first thing I saw on FB today morning when I got up was the good news that the boy has been found and reunited with his parents. That was the report by the Royal Bhutan Police. My heart heaved a sigh of relieve and prayed for the reunion of the family.

And Lo and Be Hold… the next news I hear is that the boy has been drowned and fished out of Thimphu Chu somewhere near Terma Linca Resort. My mind refused to accept the news. But then again there were viral posts on FB showing the photo of the little boy and people commenting ‘RIP’ (Rest In Peace)

And then there were posts going in every private or group WeChat App- the most famous in Bhutan when it comes to spreading anything- be it good or bad, serious or not, sensitive or insensitive, jokes and many more. The worst part is to see some of these members sending the screen shot of the various photos and messages on FB Group page- the most famous or infamous ‘The Bhutanese Forums’ and people either sympathizing or blaming the parents for the carelessness.

The more I read the posts the more my heart went out to the mother and the little boy and off course the father too. I was wishing against the hope that people would stop putting more picture of the little boy on FB. Every post made my heart bleed so one can imagine what the parents must have gone through.

Well, what I am trying to say is the mother seeking the social media help to find her lost boy was fine. It was a desperate deed done. And it is heartwarming to see most people coming forward to sympathize and support and help look out for the little boy.

The media reporting that the boy was found out from Thimpchhu was also fine but then it is the others who tried spreading the post inviting many debates around the disappearance of the boy. Some even went to the extend of posting the boy’s body wrapped in a white cloth near the river where a monk is seen reciting prayers.

Some blamed the parents for their negligence, some hypothecated on many other reasons. Some said the grandmother was involved in the drowning of the child. And some even posted contradictory posts by different people and sought for justification not realizing what the parents must be going through for the loss of their gem of a child.

My earnest request is if anyone of you come to know of lending a supporting hand, do share as much as possible but once you know that the incidence has occurred beyond recovery, please stop sharing, commenting and discussing. Respect the departed soul and the souls who are grieving at the moment for the departed one.

And more than anything else lets stop putting the blame game. This will make the situation even worse for the ones who are alive and make it difficult for the departed soul to find peace.

And let me end this post with an invocation of taking a refuge:

I take refuge in the Lama,

I take refuge in the Bhuddha,

I take refuge in the Dharma,

I take refuge in the Sangha,

I take refuge in the three jewels, the supreme object of refuge.

And may the soul of this little boy find refuge in the three jewels of the supreme object of refuge.

May the parents of the little boy take refuge in the three jewels of the supreme object of refuge.

May the soul of the departed little boy find peace.

May the souls of the living parents find peaceMy sincere prayers your ways.







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